cij investigative film week 7-12 March 2011
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Toxic Somalia
UK Premiere

The team investigate pollution on the beach in Somalia

Monday 7 March at 6.30pm
City University London

£5 full price; £4 concessions
Weekly pass £20; £15 concessions

France, 2010
Director: Paul Moreira
Executive Producer: Luc Hermann
Language: English

Hundreds of Somalis are falling ill, poisoned by other peoples’ waste.

Barrels of toxic and even nuclear waste frequently wash-up on the shores of Puntland and Somalia, and the beaches are often strewn with dead fish.

It costs just $2.50 to dump a tonne of toxic waste off the coast of Somalia. It’s the world’s cheapest rubbish dump and a nice little earner for some westerners, who would have to pay $1,000 to dump their trash back home.

But who is dumping this waste in Somali waters? Who in Somalia is making money from it?

Two Italian journalists have already lost their lives for asking such questions. Award winning journalist Paul Moreira re-opens the inquiry.

It’s an investigation that leads into the shady underworld of the Italian mafia, Somali pirates and the lethal nuclear waste industry.


Paul Moreira will talk about the research and how he filmed the story that almost no filmmaker has approached. He will also discuss how he gained the trust of armed pirates and others in an extremely dangerous land. Also he will discuss how films as risky as this are funded and distributed.

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Java Films - Toxic Somalia

Premieres Lignes Television


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