cij investigative film week 7-12 March 2011
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The Micro Debt
UK Premiere

A women's meeting in Bangladesh
Photograph by Lotte la Cour

Friday 11 March at 6.30pm
City University London

£5 full price; £4 concessions
Weekly pass £20; £15 concessions

Denmark, 2010
Duration: 57’  
Director/producer: Tom Heinemann 
Language: English 

For decades micro credit has been hailed as the best solution to eradicate poverty.

However, interest rates from 30 to 200% often makes it impossible for loan takers in Mexico, India and Bangladesh to pay back their loans.

The poor are under extreme social pressure from the other members of their groups.

And there is the added pressure from some of the loan officers when it comes to defaulting on even a single weekly payment.

The film exposes the bank for the poor - Gameen Bank, and the micro finance masterminds that include the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Muhammad Yunus.


The Micro Debt screening will be followed by a discussion with filmmaker Tom Heinemann and Alex Counts of Gameen Foundation. This controversial documentary for the first time casts a critical eye on the issue of microfinance and its benefits to the developing countries.

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